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Investors, customers, clients and partners will want to do business with you when your pitch is compelling and you demonstrate your competitive edge. You improve your chance of getting funding or securing the contract when your key message shows the difference that your team and your company make in the marketplace.
At Take My Word Pitch workshops you learn the flow of a successful pitch, structure a blueprint pitch and experience coached practice and delivery. This versatile material becomes the core content of all your persuasive, business communication and you’ll be given guidelines on how to adapt it and use it with conviction.

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Skillful preparation methods and coached practice give you the confidence to stand and deliver, knowing that the room and the audience are yours.
Listeners want to hear more when you command their attention and give them reasons to remember you. Learn the skill of crafting a script and combining it with effective multi-media, body language that speaks and thoughtful timing. Develop the poise to engage with confidence.
Whether you use existing material or develop your presentation from scratch, Take My Word Presentation Workshop will equip you for business and social speaking events.

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Ensure audience comprehension by using strategically written and spoken language that gives you graceful control and develops influence.
Take My Word training covers pitching for investment; pitching for business; persuasive, informative and academic presentations; public speaking as well as speech structure, preparation and practice. Standard and bespoke workshops, for individuals or groups, are designed to give you the arsenal of persuasive communication skills you need to accelerate your career. Coaching is supportive, thorough and confidential – you can Take My Word on that.